Red Heifer – Hukkat Numbers 19:1-22:1  – LIVE STREAM 6/27/2020

Bet Shalom – Live Video Stream

Bet Shalom Live Video Stream

Posted by Bet Shalom on Saturday, June 27, 2020


Shalom and Blessings to all!

Bet Shalom is back with our regular service 

Services starts at 10:30am, followed by lunch at the Oneg room

Please join us for prayer, worship and learning every Shabbat, (Saturday).


Welcome to worship and learn with us at Bet Shalom. Gather with us weekly on Shabbat for Hebraic worship, Biblical teaching from the Hebrew perspective, Messianic Dance and caring fellowship. We celebrate Havdalah and Seudat HaAdon (The Lord’s Supper) each month.

Join us at our meeting place, 101 W. Clinton Ave, Fresno California. We look forward to seeing you!

Rabbi Amnon & Rebbetzin Lynette Shor

The Golden Gate or the Gate of Mercy in Old City Wall and olive garden in Jerusalem Israel



Studying the book of Mattityahu (Matthew) in the context of the Hebrew Scriptures, examining the life of Yeshua, our Messiah and coming King, through the eyes of Mattityahu, a Talmid (disciple) of Yeshua.


Worship Adonai, the God of Israel, Torah Reading. Rabbi Amnon Shor is teaching a series on the life of King David.

ONEG (Fellowship, Delight of the Shabbat):

Immediately following the Shabbat service, we meet in the Oneg Hall for a time of eating together and fellowship. All who plan to share in a meal together with us bring a ready-to-serve food dish to share (no pork or shellfish please). All are welcome! 

Donations, Tithes & Offerings



Please use the above link for giving of tithes and offerings 

Tithes and offerings are as old as Abraham and Melchizedek (B’resheet [Genesis] 14:17-20). The Bible sets a standard of giving back to Adonai 10% of your gross income. Doing so blesses both Adonai and the one who tithes. The Hebrew prophet Mal’akhi (Malachi) instructed:


“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse. Then there will be food in My House. Now test Me in this,” says Adonai Tzva’ot, “see if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out blessings for you, until no one is without enough” (Mal’akhi [Malachi] 3:8-10). 


It is our privilege to give back to Adonai this small part of what is already His. You may also desire to give additional offerings as the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) prompts you to give in thanksgiving.


Hebrew  and ARAMAIC


Prayerfully consider supporting this work


Rabbi Shor’s goal is to translate the Bible from the original Hebrew and Aramaic languages to the proper and correct English as it is understood today. Many Bible translations are available however they are far from being correct. Most translators are/were not native Hebrew speakers. Accuracy in translation is imperative to give the reader the best understanding of the Word of God in both context and meaning.

These funds will be used to provide for the time needed to work on all aspects of this translation, from initial translation to completion, publishing and promotion. This endeavor is a lifelong project that has been Rabbi Shor’s passion for many years. This Word is necessary for today’s “Body of Messiah”.

Please click on the  link below  that will take you to the PayPal donation page. 

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