All of Adonai’s Feast Day’s begin at sundown on the evening before. 


SHABBAT, SEPTEMBER 9TH AT 4 PM. We will observe Yom Teruah one day early during the Shabbat service at 4 PM on Shabbat, September 9th. Service will be in the sanctuary, for the Sounding of the Shofars, praise and worship, and a special Yom Teruah message. Oneg follows the service including the traditional apples with honey and other apple / honey desserts.


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH AT 7 PM. Service is in the sanctuary at Mt Olive for the beginning of the 25 hour fast. Join us for praise and worship and a special Yom Kippur message.


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH AT 7 PM. Meet in the Oneg Hall for the short service and breaking the 25 hour fast together. All please bring salad, soup or dessert (no pork or shellfish please).


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD AT 9:30 AM.The Kirkpatrick’s Etrog Farm grows the ceremonial etrog exclusively in the Central Valley of California. In the beginning the Kirkpatrick farm grew only two varieties, now they grow many more. It is the only orchard in the United States to grow the kosher etrog citron used in the Biblical holiday of Sukkot.

Sign up at the marketplace and receive more information and directions to participate.


Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles and the Season of our Joy begins at sundown Sunday evening, September 23rd and continues through sundown on Sunday, September 30th. There are several events planned during this time, all details below. During the intermediate nights, all are encouraged to share their sukkah’s with friends and family.

FIRST NIGHT – Sunday evening, September 23rd. This first night everyone is encouraged to spend the evening in their own sukkah with dinner and fellowship with family and friends.

SECOND NIGHT – Monday evening, September 24th. The Community Sukkot is on the lawn at Mt Olive on Monday evening. There will be opportunity for those who are able to come early in the day on Monday to help with set up and the building and decorating of the Sukkah. 

Then in the evening we will participate in the Sukkot blessings with the etrog and lulav and hear a short description of the holiday. Then we will share the Oneg style meal (everyone please bring a food dish to share—no pork or shellfish) and watch the traditional Sukkot movie, Ushpizin. Everyone, please bring your own chairs.

USHPIZIN (The Movie):  

Ushpizin is a heartwarming and light hearted look at the daily lives of ultra-Orthodox Jews learning, living and loving in modern-day Israel.

Ushpizin follows a poor childless devout man named Moshe (Shuli Rand) and his wife Malli (Michal Bat Sheva Rand, Shuli’s real-life spouse) who can’t afford a sukkah, the temporary dwelling required by the Sukkot holiday. Suddenly a friend helps them find a sukkah and an anonymous donation rescues them from debt; Moshe believes the Lord has smiled on him at last and celebrates by buying a particularly beautiful citron (a lemon-like fruit) for the Sukkot observations. But when a couple of escaped convicts appear–one of whom knows Moshe from his old neighborhood–they insinuate themselves into Moshe and Malli’s hospitality and quickly abuse it, threatening the couple’s marriage and testing their faith.

Like many Jewish stories, Ushpizin balances an almost fairy-tale story with real characters and complex social conflict. A perfect movie to begin the holiday season and provides a fascinating look into this closed community.

FINAL NIGHT – Sunday evening, September 30th at 5 PM in Merced, for an evening of food and fellowship. Sign up at the marketplace during Oneg and you will be given the directions to the location. Everyone please bring a food dish to share (no pork or shellfish please).