“Adonai, God of Avraham, Yitz’chak and Isra’el, let it be known today that You are God in isra’el …”  

M’lakhim Alef (1 Kings) 18:36 CJB




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Elijah Part 1: Elijah Was A Man Like Us Pt 1 [1:09:56]


Elijah Part 2: Elijah Was A Man Like Us Pt 2 [1:00:34]


Elijah Part 3: Elijah Was A Man Like Us Pt 3 [55:18]


Elijah Part 4: Elijah Was A Man Like Us Pt 4 [58:26]


Elijah Part 5: A House Divided


Elijah Part 6: No Kissing Ba’al


Elijah Part 7: The Enemy Is Not A Brother


Elijah Part 8: Our Inheritance


Elijah Part 9: Michailu – He Is Like God


Elijah Part 10: Who Is Ba’al Zebub?


Elijah Part 11: When My People Surrender


Elijah Part 12: The Gift of Double Portion


Elijah Part 13: Don’t Stop the Music





Elisha Part 1: Got Oil?


Elisha Part 2: Got Dirt?


Elisha Part 3: Have You Lost Your Axe?


Elisha Part 4: Biblical Espionage


Elisha Part 5: Stock Market or God’s Miracle?


Elisha Part 6: YHVH’s Extended Care Program


Elisha Part 7: Be Aware Who You Marry Pt 1


Elisha Part 8: Be Aware Who You Marry Pt 2


Elisha Part 9: What Goes Around Comes Around Pt 1


Elisha Part 10: What Goes Around Comes Around Pt 2


Elisha Part 11: Mission Accomplished


Elisha Part 13: Do Right in the Sight of Adonai