Adonai, we plead with You for Your name’s sake, that You protect this people whom You are gathering from the ends of the earth – so that the world will see that Adonai rules in Zion unto the ends of the world. Abba, reveal to this nation of Israel that You are their defense.

  • But I will sing of Your power; yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning; for You have been my defense and refuge in the day of my trouble. To You, O my Strength, I will sing praises; for Elohim is my defense, my Elohim of mercy. (Tehillim [Psalms] 59:16-17)
  • But Adonai has been my defense, and my Elohim the rock of my refuge. (Tehillim [Psalms] 94:22)

Thank You for the Israeli Defense Forces, for giving the leaders’ wisdom and insight. We pray for this people to first place their trust in the real IDF – Israel’s Divine Father! Adonai, this is Your land and Your people. Arise and scatter Your enemies.

  • Do not keep silent, O God! Do not hold Your peace, And do not be still, O Elohim! For behold, Your enemies make a tumult; and those who hate You have lifted up their head. They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, and consulted together against Your sheltered ones. They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” For they have consulted together with one consent; they form a confederacy against You … … … Fill their faces with shame, That they may seek Your name, O Adonai. Let them be confounded and dismayed forever; yes, let them be put to shame and perish, that they may know that You, whose name alone is Adonai, are the Most High over all the earth. (Psalm 83:1-18, specifically vs. 1-5 and 16-18)